Confidence is a trait apparently shared by most CEOs, which is what gets them to the very top in the first place. However, sometimes this confidence may waver as proven through a study conducted by leadership advisory firm Egon Zehnder. This study was based on more than four-hundred CEOs across eleven countries with a total sales footprint of 2.6 trillion dollars. A surprising fact that emerged was that about two-thirds of them weren’t even prepared to take up the job. Half said that driving cultural change at the org proved to be much harder than first thought. A similar percentage even said that self-reflection and me-time now proved to be that much harder to find. Surprisingly, developing the senior leadership proved to be a challenge for nearly half those surveyed. To plug in these gaps, corporate training programmes specially dedicated at succession planning was needed. Boards must not remain proactivein working with the CEOs throughout the journey right from before appointment to afterwards. Internal hiring and external talent recruitment need to be better integrated. Each must be done with an understanding of what is needed at the other end.


Uploaded Date:27 August 2018

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