Companies across industries are fighting tooth and nail for talent recruitment. Yet they are not getting things right as their value systems are still geared towards the bygone 20th century. A study by Right Management confirms that companies that actively engage on management training and employees’ career development tend to outperform the others by six times. A LinkedIn study states that career advancement was the most frequently cited topic among employees while evaluating employment choices. The Manpower Group claims that about a third of organizations globally are struggling to fill positions due to a talent mismatch. This mismatch may get minimized by adopting a few tactics. First of all, the view of the talent pool needs to be expanded to leverage wider source markets. Career changers must be incorporated in some numbers as they bring certain qualities. Ex athletes for example bring energy, passion and focus while former military officers are known for fearlessness, resilience and autonomy. Neglected sources of talent such as boomerang employees must be tapped into. The career management path needs to be tweaked given the circumstances involving different teams and complexities. A flexible work environment will be able to seamlessly gel with employees’ own life changes. Disruptive experiences must also be offered to own employees so that they get an idea of how to embrace transformation. Employees must also be encouraged to open up and discuss career discussions with their seniors.


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