Different people have different measures to cope with stress or excess anxiety. The most common ones involve either to face it through or buckle down and just bear it. Professional workers with a “bias for action” often pride themselves on being tough so simply carry on. Retreating meanwhile can help cope for a while, but none of these approaches last long. They often lead to unethical behaviour, chronic exhaustion, burnout and poor decision-making. Companies with a proactive talent management wing set out ways to tackle this through relaxation facilities like entertainment zones, workout equipment or nap zones. Instead of either retreating or trying to brave out, a third method has been identified with long-term positive health effects- focusing on learning. One can start off by picking up some new skills, learning some new language or simply studying further. To start learning at work, one must start off internally. After this, one must start learning in a group with others. Companies can even initiate such learning activities as part of their corporate training sessions within their work breaks.


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