Companies in the US spend enormous amounts of money on various corporate training programmes, which make them feel immune to any drop in productivity. Even employees participating in them feel confident in their abilities, knowing little about the concept called unconscious incompetence. As per a study conducted with various industries such as academia, sports, business services, retail, health care and technology, it was found out that employees seem to be lacking in a fifth to two-fifths of relevant areas. This is because there are lots of areas where they are not aware that they need improvement as work often gets done using guesswork. Better learning models must instead be adaptive to individual needs as developed by the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) Group for physicians as it caters to constant learning. A system needs to be created as done by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) for pilots where one doesn’t want to avoid admitting to guesswork but instead puts a hand up for mistakes committed so they may be weeded out.


Uploaded Date:-06 October 2017


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