Just as Charles Dickens put it about Paris in his novel Tale of Two Cities, similarly the present times may also be dubbed as both the best and worst of times. It simply depends on which side one is one. Technology is changing rapidly, and along with it making wholesale transformation to the very way we live. This has paved the way for the SCaaP Model or Societal Change as a Platform. Technology has the power to help solve problems. As per SCaaP, civic society now has to work has a holistic unit. There are some organizations that have already applied bits of the SCaaP system. They are Donors Choose, Health leads, College for America and Salesforce. Health Leads for example leverages the collaborative knowledge of the entire ecosystem for its solutions. This also provides ample scope for covert digital marketing along the way. All these organizations are allowing the society to co-create new products.


Uploaded Date: 22nd May 2017

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