In a recent professional blog, ten different customer types were identified along with tactics for brands on keeping each type onside. The first such type were the pioneers. They adopt early and are trend setters for others to follow. Since they follow influencers on social media, digital marketing using such platforms is the best way to nurture them. Many are influencers in their own field, so bringing them onside has further advantages. The practical purchasers make purchases not out of their love for shopping, but simply because they need to do it. Online shopping is best suited to them, but these platforms must be easy to use and not have lengthy forms to fill at any cost. There are social media fans who follow all latest trends of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. For them, the obvious method is using social media to the hilt. Researchers are ones who scan ratings and reviews, contrast product features and even compare the same product over different platforms. As they are well researched, thus they must be provided insightful FAQs, images and how-to videos. They must also be encouraged to share their knowledge via feedback or reviews. To cater to smart phone addicts, brands must have in place a mobile friendly website, where all forms of browsing is possible. They must even invest on in-store apps. Wish-list-ers are ones who take time to purchase, but create lists that they would want to acquire. Since Pinterest is a popular platform for them, quality images must be used on company handle there. A bit of nudging is needed for this segment. Discerning shoppers do not trust brands or platforms easily. They must be nurtured over time using loyalty schemes or reward points. To attract bargain hunters, the opportune moment must be seized when one’s prices are lower than competitors’. Cautious consumers get put off easily, and do not appreciate much change. For them, the commitment to payment security must be highlighted and user testimonials be displayed. Online butterflies are those who frequently sift through shopping sites but are quick to abandon them due to low concentration spans. A visually appealing SEO must be curated for them, so bounce rates may be kept the lowest. Frequent email reminders need also to be sent to them.


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