There is much fear mongering in the world of business today about the threats of automation. Evidently, great numbers of jobs will be lost and profiles made redundant due to the arrival of robots into the workplace. However, there are some things that technology won’t ever replace. One such is the corporate culture at any organization. This is dependent on the founders of the company and the philosophy by which the place gets run. This was proven by People Works which won the Best Workplace Culture and Engagement award at the 2017 HRM awards where the leader spoke about the “Family Village Tribe” work environment. Another thing technology can’t replicate is the aspects of culture that can be used as leverage to attract the best of personnel and win projects. While chatbots can do a lot of repetitive work, robots cannot provide management training. Some broad common lessons could be deliverable, but personalized executive coaching or employee mentorship requires human empathy.


Uploaded Date:19/06/2017

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