Online communities or digital forums offer a new business stream like none before. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter not only allow digital marketing for the brands, but also enable social interaction among fans of particular products, services or brands. Some ways have been identified by which these communities enhance customer engagement and enable value delivery. First of all, they provide a new service team away from the usual known ones. Digital service agents perform a lot of tasks traditional customer care professionals did not. Newer topics can now be used for customer engagement. Companies often keep a track of these innovative conversations to gauge what their new idea or product launch must be about and what the market is really looking for. These communities also provide brands with a channel to track market business intelligence by listening to and even responding to customer conversations in real time. Just like the city of Rome, these online communities cannot be built over a single day, but require constant nurturing over a period of time.


Uploaded Date: 28 July 2017

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