There are varying reasons as to why certain companies’ marketing efforts and bearing dividends and others’ not. For some years now, marketers have been using data-induced business analytics to understand the customer base really well. But the information gauged through this science is not always being used the right way, with companies improvising with time. Keurig is an example where earlier the marketing team would blindly send mass mails. But now their digital marketing has been structured to reflect customer moods and tastes. Marketers need to spot the right signals, deduce the sequence and work on speed of service delivery. There are certain aspects that leaders do way better than laggards, such as the integration between separate tech platforms. The same study by Bain also confirmed that more than half the leaders surveyed refreshed their metrics frequently, with the corresponding figure at less than a third for laggards. The budget-decisions likewise are made with the help of metrics by leaders, more so than laggards.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2018

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