Mindfulness meditation has taken the world by storm. Numerous tech companies in the US have a full-fledged corporate training programme based around mindfulness meditation. It is even being used to sell products in the market. It is rooted in more than two millennia of Buddhist practice with proven benefits ranging from improved sleep and job satisfaction to reduced anxiety or depression. It also helps with better decision-making. Yet, it does have a downside. Motivation is generally seen as an outcome of the lack of satisfaction with the current state. It forces one to look towards the future. Mind-wandering is the opposite of mindfulness. In a study designed to see the outcomes of both, it was understood that those who went through the mindfulness programme, lacked the motivation to perform their daily tasks. Being too much at peace can reduce the urgency at work, so companies must be clear about the intent when opting for such programmes.


Uploaded Date:09 August 2018

Due to enormous technological changes leading to workplace disruptions, a new educational model is needed. And nowhere is this more starkly felt than in Asia, where gross enrollment ratios to school and higher education has shot up. People are now living for much longer and working for many more years than previously. Particularly true for the technical degrees is that a substantial portion of the subject content will get irrelevant by the time they graduate, such is the pace of change. “Learning to learn” must be a key ingredient honed as continuous education will now be needed. Corporate training programmes will now need to geared towards reskilling as a lot of people will need constant timely upgradation. The total private and public expenditure on education has now crossed well over a trillion in the region.


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The university of the future has arrived in the Minerva hybrid model of online learning and offline teaching.It has already drafted its focus on key futuristic topics such as liberal arts and critical thinking. With increasing percentage of professionals loathe to quit their jobs, this is an ideal platform for continuous learning models such as is used for an . The institute has also paid a lot of attention towards the aesthetics of the place as it is well-known today that design thinking plays a crucial role in spawning creativity and innovations. The methodology of training is such that the students end up retaining much more than in traditional places where most of the material gets forgotten before the final whistle is blown. Even the testing pattern is unique as Minerva follows the CLA (Collegiate Learning Assessment) pattern. This shows a remarkable pattern of improvement over time. Minerva is now getting more applications for some courses than established giants such as Dartmouth or MIT. An aspect of Minerva’s branding that the founders are really conscious of is the positivity that is to be brought out.


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In a seminal study in 1970 by a professor from the UCLA, the importance of body language was established. In fact, a 7-38-55 ratio was proposed about the significance attached to each aspect. Words spoken accounted for a mere seven percent, while the tone of voice and the facial expressions counted for thirty-eight and fifty-five percent respectively each. When more such elements get used, time can be converted into trust. So, email which only entails words is responsible for a seven percent conviction while phone call has a seven plus thirty-eight percentage as it includes both words and voice. Face-to-face interaction added in a meeting, takes the tally up to a hundred percent. Video conferencing does not fulfil the hundred percent criteria as “looking in to the eye” is not possible. A handshake lets oxytocin flow in, tendering personal touch as more effective. Thus,corporate training exercises that attempt at team-bonding must include off-sites or retreats even during cost-cutting. This is because it takes the trust factor to beyond the hundred percent engaged through specific outdoor activities.


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