The digital revolution has seen marketing, right at the forefront of the transformation. It has become a complicated landscape, with digital marketing requiring an intersection between data, growth and the creative side of things. Some senior McKinsey partners have come out with this latest study to understand how all this intersects. This will even be presented at the Cannes Lions Festival. The daily job of a marketer has evolved significantly, as the study states. The marketer now needs to have an understanding of personalization, segmentation, targeting and of business analytics. This analytical skill is essential to sieve through the enormous quantities of data now stored by companies and databases. Even smaller and mid size firms now have access to such vast treasure troves of data. The CMO needs to continue using a classical approach, built around customer experience, brand positioning and advertising, but this has to be tailored around the new findings. One area where much change has taken place is how the end- to- end customer experience was far more immature earlier. The CMO’s role now goes beyond merely strategy definition. It now includes a valid participation in the long- term profitability of the firm.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2019

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