Bill Gates has been proven correct two decades hence from 1996 when he made the remark that “Content is King”. Indeed, now the internet has become a global marketplace for content. Thus, marketers now need to be armed with Content Intelligence. It is the intersection between content strategy and artificial intelligence. This will help map each stage of the buyer journey to the digital marketing campaign. At the Awareness stage, will be videos, blog posts, infographics and social media will be included. Newsletters, whitepapers and webinars will be part of the Consideration stage while the Decision stage will comprise of case studies and demos. This will help the marketer know the right content for the respective audience. Marketing research firm Curata states that more than half of marketers connected with say distribution is top pain point in content marketing. Content intelligence can also help ascertain what platform’s content will need to be updated.


Uploaded Date:15 May 2019

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