It’s been found that most professionals are using LinkedIn wrongly. Unlike other social media outlets such as Facebook, here one needs to be comparatively choosy though not extreme either as that would limit the pool of interaction. In many ways, LinkedIn is like an individual’s digital marketing, so done the wrong way it may instead backfire. Some rules of engagement exist. One such is that invitations sent to complete strangers must be avoided a five rejections due to not knowing can lead to account be suspended. One must also remember that each time a person becomes a first-degree acquaintance, one automatically provides the email ID. Thus a clear decision needs to be taken before going ahead. In order to connect with other members, some methods are more appropriate than others such as through any member’s profile. Another is by leveraging either the “Grow your Network” or “People you may know” pages. It may also be done through search results or LinkedIn’s own mobile app. The user must also beware of only including quality connections as this improves content on feed. It also enables more appropriate matches in search and opportunities to expand through LinkedIn. A personal message is a must while sending invites. It is also a good tactic to get introduced to a person using a known common connection as source. The In-Mail and Group features options must also be utilized.


Uploaded Date:28/06/2017

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