Vineyard Vines was started by the Murray brothers who wanted to do something of their own, and not be tied to regular jobs. Its pink whale logo is now widely identifiable in the USA, with over ninety physical stores and similar success on e-commerce. However, the marketing technique is evolving. Over the years, the company has captured copious amounts of data on customer usage patterns. The data warehousing at Vineyard Vines runs into the terabytes. This has provided vital insights on business, enabling the marketers in the company to plan its campaigns more precisely. The digital marketing and communication that is driven by Vineyard Vines is now authentic, targeted and relevant. One of the key interventions this data-driven analysis and communication ahs done is to notify customers about stock replenishment during high demand-times. Last-chance offers are communicated for out-of-stock items. Special event and holiday-specific campaigns are run. There is also proactive identification of customers who may soon unsubscribe.


Uploaded Date:14 June 2018

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