The city of Cleveland is proving to be one of the most fertile grounds for developing scalable business based around Virtual Reality (VR) or the related Augmented Reality (AR). Goldfarb Weber Creative Media for example put together a pilot run for one of its clients Lubrizol which took potential customers to a virtual walk around their plant overseeing the latest formulations. A Oculus Rift headset was used for this purpose. Cleveland based firms are experimenting with VR to be used extensively in education and corporate training. The Western Reserve University for example has been using Microsoft’s Holo Lens to train anatomy to medical students. A practical demonstration of VR and AR was provided at the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF). The event manager at Games Done Legit, a company specializing in conducting video game events, has confirmed that the obstacles facing VR will soon be addressed with upcoming processing improvements and an expected drop in prices.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2017

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