Companies do not need to spend too much time or money on marketing once their customers are happy, as word-of-mouth spreads. Social influencers are tagged by companies for their digital marketing abilities as their recommendations matter a lot especially on blogs and social media. However, often we observe this sort of passion to be missing among customers. In order to inculcate such passion, companies may be advised to follow certain steps. First of all, the company must be aware of its positioning and not try to become something it isn’t good at. The entire market can never be buyers, so companies must address its target audience. A narrative must be built around the brand, which the people can own up to. It must be authentic and believable. A lot of brands make the mistake of simply communicating to the customers. Instead they must talk with them, to gauge authentic business intelligence on market behavior and brand perception. The company leaders must remain accessible and believable while the organization itself stays grounded and focused. All communication must be consistent with the overall message. The brand must never be viewed as an instrument for profits alone but must stand for something way bigger.


Uploaded Date:16 March 2018

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