Human resources has been around as a management field for ages but only since the 1980s has it gained prominence as a business field. However, now that almost every company has an HR, it is no longer a competitive advantage but rather a mass commodity. So, over the next decade or more HR has to remain relevant to the organizations in three major ways that are its key challenges. First of all, HR has to move beyond its functional status to occupying a strategic position. For this the HR team has to foster a broader knowledge of upcoming trends, talent systems, employee profile, value chains and the internal organization. The next frontier will be to evolve from the design of formal talent management systems to leverage the informal ones such as processes and mindsets as done excellently by Cisco. Thirdly, HR systems need to work on developing superior inter-personal processes. These will not be focussed on individuals’ corporate training, hiring or talent but indeed on broader inter-dependent forces.


Uploaded Date: 06 October 2017

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