Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to affect the world of digital marketing and advertising enormously in different ways. One such way is in robotic process automation which as the name suggests automates large manufacturing tasks being used already by the likes of GE, ABB and Seismic. Another aspect AI is used in is speech recognition. Another is biometrics. A fourth area is Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Analytics. Here digital assistants collate vast data to predict the next phrase of content to be written. Due to the vast data now being collected, AI is helping in generation of business intelligence which is firther giving rise to informed decision making. Virtual agents such as Siri, Bixy, Jarvis and Alexa are being used by several top IT companies such as Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. A lot of these companies have also actively invested time and money into machine learning platforms.


Uploaded Date: 20th May 2017

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