Virtual Reality (VR) has long been promised as the next powerful tool for digital marketing. The launch of Oculus Rift was expected to be the tipping point, yet use of VR in marketing as of now remains limited. This is due to several reasons, one of them is the perception of VR as a frivolous tool meant for gaming purpose. This perception needs to get altered before any large scale adoption by marketers. The second factor is cost, as VR does not yet provide ample bang-per-buck compared to other platforms such as Facebook’s billion plus audience. VR headsets are as yet cumbersome to use and not sleek, so unattractive and difficult to use. Another mistake in times gone by was over optimistic estimates which makes present usage numbers appear puny. While there have been some fragmented campaigns by corporates such as Pepsi, Volvo or Pokémon Go, there hasn’t been any concerted effort at promotion of this technology. Thus few studies have been conducted on its overall ROI.


Uploaded Date: 20th May 2017

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