The world of business, especially retail, is littered with several catchphrases to be used during regular transactional conversations. Yet, a lot of them have lost their relevance with time, and need not be appropriate in all situations. And that is whya study was organized to understand the words and phrases still much in vogue. First of all, the communications must appear to be human. People are fed up of catch lines, especially now in the era of chat bots. Instead of always representing the team, the communicator, might as well speak as an individual. Studies have suggested that individuals who mimic the language of the other, tend to be trusted a lot more. Linguistic mimicry creates customer alignment. Corporate training programmes must be organized to build this entire process, beginning with the employees’ ability to first relate to the customer. Once this is set, one must take charge and provide a solution. Its always advisable to be specific during such conversations, rather than beating around the bush and deviating from the main matter on hand.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2019

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