There are some bosses who come across as highly creative. They love bouncing off their ideas from those closest to them at work. Such bosses are usually highly productive when it comes to designing business innovations. But they can often get overbearing on their subordinates, who simply cannot keep up with the rush of ideas. A time management coach who has handled several such corporate training assignments, has some ideas to cope up with them. To start off, one has to foster mutual respect. One needs to understand that all ideas generated, do not necessarily lead to direct action. At times, it pays to simply hear off something, and let the idea mature on its own with the final verdict. Bosses too need to be honestly explained the time commitment needed for it all, so they may get more realistic with their ideation. The bosses will also need to be brought back down to earth sometimes, by focusing on the single plans.  Constant new ideation leads to much distraction.


Uploaded Date:27 February 2019

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