While the digital age is exciting for many, it is also creating certain upheavals for many. A lot of professionals are worried about their future employability, while companies are not getting the right talent fit within. This is going to further exacerbate with about a third of present day skills set to be recast by the year 2020. A PwC survey reveals that more than a third of CEOs surveyed are extremely worried about the future availability of the desired skills. Thus, companies are having to tweak their current talent recruitment patterns in order to incorporate people with the skills required for tomorrow. Since a lot of those skills are uncertain, and companies are loath to lose their experienced, qualified staff, specific retraining and reskilling programmes well need to be launched. Generic corporate training programmes will no longer suffice. The new skills required may broadly be divided into three subsets which are- business and science, human or soft, and technology. To tweak the recruitment system accordingly, company leaders must first assess the existing talent pool to understand the gaps existing. The recruitment must advance at a certain scale, as otherwise it won’t be feasible. This may require additional mentorship or personalized coaching sessions. The newer talent must get integrated with the old one, so that this diverse set of talent can co-exist together. The entire team needs to be put on an accelerated mode as only then will such a gargantuan goal succeed. While, it pays to have a good recruitment system, it will not work without collaborations from other stakeholders such as academic institutions.


Uploaded Date:23 February 2018

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