Self-awareness is a key trait one must possess for both professional success as well as personal gain. However, most people are in short supply as a five-year study proved only between 10 and 15 percent of people tend to possess this trait. In workplaces, it is common to notice such people. Team leader must try to help such people, starting with trying to understand the problem. One must try to understand the reason behind this mismatch or tension. To make a real difference, leaders must grasp the background of the person to be treated. As per the study done, only about a third of attempts to change the habits of unaware people succeeded to any extent. They often fail because leaders are not sure whether they must take matters into their own hands, or merely act as messengers. The best of leaders, would even be prepared to accept the worst possible result, as long as they feel good about giving their best towards the cause. If nothing works, one can always seek the help of professionals. There are corporate training modules available to coach on mindfulness and self-awareness. At some point, one needs to connect with the subjects to find their humanity. Ultimately, one has to be prepared to play the long, waiting game.


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