To be successful at business in the ongoing century, one needs to constantly generate new ideas. But generating them alone may not prove to be fruitful, if the idea does not catch fire, and one cannot persuade others to buy in. Relevant others here includes investors, buyers and sellers. There are economists who go to the extent of saying that up to a fourth of the USA’s entire economy, is generated thanks to the profusion in new ideas. Entrepreneurs of startups, candidates during talent recruitment, politicians before elections, business leaders and sales people with customers all require that bit of nudge. One aspect noticed is that the art of persuasion has undergone little change since the times of ancient history. The first requirement, as the Ancient Greek used to call it is still Ethos or Character. The next is Logos that stands for Reason. Then there is Pathos which translates to Emotion. The last two are still Metaphor and Brevity. Even Aristotle believed that the art of persuasion could be learnt, so there is all the reason for present day organization to arrange for management training sessions for their employees in this.


Uploaded Date:29 January 2020

Meetings are a common occurrence at most offices, but they are infamous for the lack of genuine conversation that takes place, at many. One way in which these meetings could be far more fruitful, is by ensuring that they remain a safe space, where honest conversations could take place. The policy on permission- taking for instance must be decided in advance, ideally to be more fluid. This will allow the participants to freely pose questions to anyone in it. Another area where attention ought to be paid is safety. Not just during the meeting, but this kind of safety needs to be ensured even after the discussions are done. Leaders adept at talent management will curate a condition where both the safety and permissions are taken care off for meetings to be more fruitful.


Uploaded Date:21 December 2019

The best business books of the year 2019 have now been identified by a select group of experts. The first such list has been presented for the areas of corporate strategy. One book that makes this list is Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation, written by Gary Pisano. Another is Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business before they Happen. This one has been penned in by Rita McGrath, who speaks about how business trends do not emerge overnight, but can be traced to earlier developments. Th surge in the sales of hearing aids, or the preeminence of digital marketing are two such examples. The third one is Connected Strategy: Building continuous Customer Relationships for Competitive Advantage. This one has been co- authored by Christian Terwiesch and Nicolaj Siggelkow. All three of these books bring distinct and unique ways to strategize in business.


Uploaded Date: 14th December 2019

Retirement age is often a matter of debate, and the C Suite is not averse to this discussion either. Over several discussions with different CEOs, some patterns have emerged which are the perfect steps to phase the retirement period. The first thing they all need to follow is to finish strong to retire on a high. This is particularly true for CEOs as they’re likely to have worked with a lot of pride, so need to feel the same, while quitting. A year before the retirement date set, the CEO must undertake specific management training, by consulting a therapist of career coach. If married, one must also discuss the matter with the spouse. One must also engage in goodbyes the right way, to be able to make a clean break. Before making any final commitments, one needs to take six to twelve months, to think over this matter. But once the decision is made, the CEO needs to move on. There are several good options for retiring CEOs. Serving on corporate boards is one very popular option, as is to get in to teaching. Some, even write books. Others lead non-profit organizations. One can even create a foundation. Some could serve in the government, or join some private equity firm.


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