A lot of companies during their growth path, are faced with delays in decision- making. This is because it gets difficult for most to keep up with the pace of growth. Leaders then often get criticized for not taking decisive quick decisions. Ironically, leaders often do not even know that they are supposed to be taking a decision, as there is no clear channel for ideas to be presented. Team members would thus be advised to do thorough business research and then to tailor their communication when presenting their ideas to their team heads. Data needs to be thoroughly studied, to find the right problem or opportunity. A well- structured recommendation needs to be then crafted.


Uploaded Date:26 February 2019

Tareq Hisham Hawasli form the Darin Partners knows a thing or two about forging the right connections at the work place. It is his ability to juggle relations from different parts of the globe that has helped him curate a fledgling, but so far successful business. His firm grip on talent management has allowed him to marry the work cultures form the USA, UK and the GCC region to great effect. He has even managed to get work from one of the members of the Saudi royal family, who is co- owner of the Sheffield United Football Club. Hawasli used his innate understanding of people to work with the different stakeholders at the football club. He has even spread out his education across the continents to get a further better idea on the people.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2019

More than a century back, the German sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies, proposed the idea of the two distinct forms of human groups, which were- the Gemeinschaft and the Gessellschaft. The former is about finding one as a part of the greater good, within a society and traditional systems. This applies best to rural, farming communities. The latter on the other hand, puts more focus on the individual above all else. This associates best with the urban communities. Over the past century, it is the principles of the Gessellschaftthat have come to dominate public discourse, viewed as being better overall. However, too much of it in the Self- esteem movement has led to societal norms being broken. Narcissistic leaders and their policies have ruined organizations. This has been accentuated by the use of social media, which even brands are leveraging for their digital marketing needs. But going ahead, companies and societies have realized the pitfalls, and the heights of individualism may just have been reached.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2019

Some ways have been identified which if used effectively, can help weed out the blind spots, that invariably creep up in the supply chain. First of all, new technology needs to be used to track business intelligence on material and stage of supply. Then, incentives for unauthorized subcontracting need to get eliminated. Apple has now implemented such as humane supply chain to ensure such unauthorized subcontracting not take place. Lean manufacturing needs to be tried at various levels, across the chain to minimize wastage of resources. Nike for instance found great success in such implementation. Even when things go wrong, supply chains thrive on continuity. So, one needs to be consistent before effecting the desired changes.


Uploaded Date:10 January 2019

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