A new course has been launched for the case of climate change and its health effects on people. Air quality, nutrition and human migration have all had a profound impact on the climate. This course has been created in conjunction with the Harvard Global Health Institute. One of the key takeaways from this course will be strategies to tackle the health impacts that climate change is invariably throwing up. The business research methods to be used for this area of study will also be discussed. Also, on the list are ways to communicate the various solutions which could be devised.


Uploaded Date:31st December 2018

It has often been observed that people are better at resolving others’ problems, while struggling when the same befalls them. This was tested through a hypothesis recently by researchers from several Chinese universities. It was found out that yes people chose differently. But it also emerged that while speaking for themselves, the subjects had a cautious mindset. This emerged from studying the minute details about oneself. The same people had an adventurous mindset when it came to choosing from others, as the ideas emerged from a broad understanding. This piece of business intelligence must be used by human resource professionals as the same plays out when seeking salary increments. While vouching for others, professionals are quite up front, but cautious when it comes to their own turn.


Uploaded Date:21 November 2018

Over the course of the next decade and beyond, the major urban agglomerations will be going to be reshaped amidst the turbulence of economic and technological change. There are certain major forces that will be reshaping the cities during this period. Firstly, there will be an immense competition for the best of talent. The world will be increasingly connected. The Anthropocene age will further build on. Acute stresses will increase in frequency and spread contagiously. Technology will expand further more into every sphere such as energy storage, renewable energy, 3-D printing, genomics, IoT, cloud tech, robotics and autonomous vehicles will come to dominate. Cities of he future must have a work environment conducive for top talent recruitment. Congestion must be minimal or non-existent. The water supply chain must emphasize on zero wastage. There must also be support towards an active lifestyle. Protection needs to be ensured against natural or human-induced hazards.


Uploaded Date:15 November 2018

In his latest book Collaborating with the Enemy, writer Adam Kahane describes how the word collaboration is often tinged with the wrong association. Collaboration is actually just one of the options that a person has during tricky situations. The title of the book got associated with Nazi collaboration during the World War, but here the Director at Reos Partners, merely speaks about the circumstances that professionals face at the workplace. The first option often exercised by seniors during unpopular transitions is to unilaterally Force. This is often counterproductive to the talent management practices firms seek to promote. Multilateral Collaboration is another option. The third is from the employee’s side which is to unilaterally Adapt to the situation. The option few wish to exercise is to unilaterally Exit.


Uploaded Date:14 November 2018

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