With the UK preparing for its exit from the European Union, the rail company Eurostar is looking increasingly worried. They are not sure how the legal hassles will be tackled after this protracted exit finally takes place. They are also worried about increasing border controls. Business intelligence received from the European Tourism Association has put in alarming figures for the longer time duration that will now be required while clearing British travelers to France and vice- versa. The hopes are that British and French authorities will put in some sort of agreement before the Brexit date, so that business operations may be run smoothly.


Uploaded Date: 27/03/2019

Wedding tourism is big business in Italy. As per business intelligence supplied by the Tourist Centre Bureau in the city of Florence, this alone generated a whopping five- hundred million Euros’ worth of business in 2018. This figure includes for both domestic weddings, as well as attracting foreign couples. The south of Italy and its islands in particular have been blessed with this form of business. The maximum foreign couples arrived from the UK, followed in that order by the USA, Australia, Germany and Canada. Those from the UAE and the Scandinavian countries, brought in greater wealth per capita, though the number of visitors was lesser. Wedding tourism also generates numerous travel jobs, as at present more than sixty- thousand people are engaged with the industry as a whole.


Uploaded Date: 26/03/2019

Museums are an integral part to travel itineraries. For many in fact, they are the top draw. Ones such as the Louvre in Paris on the Vatican museums in particular are of great touristy interest. 2019 is set to be a great year for museum enthusiasts, as a number of them are set to be opened. One such will be the National Museum of Qatar to be opened in Doha. A number of business innovations will be in place, to make its viewing a memorable experience. Another branch of the Center Pompidou will open in Shanghai. Likewise, New York City, Moscow and Berlin will also see new museum openings. One of the most eagerly awaited ones though is the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will be placed right near the Pyramid of Giza.


Uploaded Date:27 February 2019

Reeling from the downside of the oil price fall, the Gulf sultanate of Oman is trying to leverage its vast tourism potential. As of now, oil remains the primary sector, but tourism is steadily creeping in as a highly important source of national revenue. In the year 2017, 3.2% of the country’s GDP originated from this sector. To cater to this industry, the visa regime has been eased off substantially. The number of tourist arrivals especially from France and Germany has climbed up significantly. The government plans to create an additional half a million tourism jobs by 2040. “Beauty has address” will be the slogan of Oman Tourism. The country however, hopes to avoid the traps of uncontrolled mass tourism.


Uploaded Date:26 February 2019

Gastro- tourism is much on the rise, especially in Italy. This is particularly true for domestic travelers within the Generation X age group. The millennial generation too is taking an increasing interest in the same. In fact, gastro- tourism numbers registered a 48% rise compared to its corresponding figures in 2017, as per business intelligence supplied by the Italian Food and Wine Tourism Report 2019. Emilia Romagna, Sicily and Tuscany were the most popular regions for this brand of tourism within Italy. Among the cities, Florence, Naples and Rome proved to be the most popular draws. In the regions of Piedmont and Tuscany, food and wine themed packages are usually taken together.


Uploaded Date:20 February 2019

Orion Span is a startup that has highly ambitious plans, of opening up a space station in the near future for tourists. The plan is to get this business innovation off the shelf by the year 2022. Tourists will then be able to undertake twelve- day stays at the Aurora Space Station, view sunsets and sunrises from multiple vantage points, and even bring back samples of experimental food to be grown while on orbit. They can even play ping- pong while in a state of weightlessness. To counter the massive budgets that portended rivals Virgin Galactic and Axiom Space are likely to have, Orion Span will provide complete luxurious facilities. It is raising funds through a crowd funded mechanism.


Uploaded Date:16 February 2019

Since Tony Fernandes acquired Air Asia back in 2001, the airline has seen a tremendous upsurge. It is now worth more than a billion dollars in revenue terms. It is considered now, the world’s best low-cost airline. One of the key learnings from Fernandes’s leadership style, is to not panic during any crisis. Instead, one must advertise more heavily then, as Air Asia did during the SARS outbreak, or during the currency crisis. This is because, the costs also reduced at those times, due to bleak advertising revenues. During such crises, while others were lowering their budgets, Air Asia substantially increased it. Sponsoring of British football giant Manchester United boosted the perceptions, placing the brand at par with the likes of Vodafone and Budweiser, that have done likewise. The logo colour was also changed to red as it improved the image recall. Fernandes has also stressed on sound talent management practices, so he maintains a flat organization structure at Air Asia. The retention is thus high, and the top executives, encouraged to go beyond their comfy office rooms, to be more hands- on.


Uploaded Date:02 February 2019

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