It is a universally acknowledge fact on how customer service can be quite bad, with few exceptions, across the board. Business intelligence received from the journal Cost Management, confirms that an average American spends about thirteen hours each year on the calling queue. Another study confirms that three quarters of customers are left unsatisfied after such dealings. And all this is in stark contrast to the mission statements such companies have put up. United Airlines for instance, finds itself right towards the bottom for these, but has a much lofty corporate strategy document and vision statement. Of course, a lot of these customer queues are unavoidable. But on most occasions, companies actually find it profitable to let there be hassles for the customers. Companies want to increase the hurdles to customer complaints, so when customers find a lot of hassle in going through multiple loops, they simply drop their claims. There is also some hidden discrimination as observed through such studies. African Americans, Latinos and women from across the communities, tend to be inflicted with greater amount of stress in handling such customer complaint calls. There are pre- ordained hierarchical levels companies allocate for handling such queries. Lower the level, fewer decisions they can make, so this delays the loop.


Uploaded Date:23 December 2019

In order to effect successful transformations, in the field of science, a secret ingredient has been discovered. That is the use of science. Sales executives are being able to ace the value chain, by making the right use of data and business analytics. A few elements in particular have been identified from within the field of science that are essential. The first stage is to have a comprehensive design to ensure sustainability. The agile deployment of the design is the next element. This will ensure the rapid implementation of the iterative program. The third stage is for performance management and capacity building. Tech- enabled learning can be aced at this stage. Sustainability is also needed to ensure that the process changes, get hardwired in to the system.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2019

A lot of the traditional marketers have been seen to struggle in the ongoing digital age. This is because many of them continue using a relationship- based model. Such companies, especially for those in the medical- technology sphere, can ace the market by the proficient use of business analytics. This will also enable the real- time resetting of price targets, based on the actual inputs. The leadership though needs to ensure that the data warehousing done must be clean, so the resulting insights are closer to accuracy. This dynamic pricing will work best if three related elements work in coherence. The first of them is related to technology, so includes the analytics mentioned, plus the IT infrastructure and systems. Another is the organization structure. And thirdly, it is about the human resources. This includes the mindset, capacity building initiatives, and the staff behaviors.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2019

A peculiar observation made across organizations, is that those that excel at sales and in business research, often do not meet the same level of success, when it comes to promoting innovations. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that big companies expect that shiny new products will sell on their reputation alone. Xerox is a perfect example of such a situation having occurred. Companies now need to work on newer incentive structures, sales processes and corporate training methods to breeze past such obstacles. The solution needs to be executed quickly, because the longer top products fail to sell, more question marks will be raised at the development stage too. Researchers will confound themselves in to asking whether they are doing the right job either. The sales persons for such products need now to act as the change agents. The top management and even the researchers will need to spend more time on face- to- face meetings.


Uploaded Date:08 June 2019

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