Some marketing trends have been identified which will have a major bearing across industries in the year 2019. The first such trend is the shift in the marketing funnel. Instead of seeing customers on a ‘gatekeepers to wallets’ mode, targeted communication to those interested is much more beneficial to all. The content will be key in 2019, especially for unlocking the vast potential of social media. Like social media, influencers are also proving to be a big hit in the world of digital marketing. The scope of AI will continue growing this year. Security issues are becoming a bigger concern for more number of people. Another area to grow is the use of chatbots. As per business intelligence received from Grand View Research, the chatbot market worldwide will peak at over a billion dollars by the year 2025. Similar will be the impact of voice searches. Likewise, visual searches are soaring in popularity thanks to the presence of platforms such as Pinterest’s Lens. While videos are getting increasingly popular for a while now, across social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, now the latest growth area will be vertical videos. The focus of all marketing campaigns now needs to incorporate the Generation Z as well.


Uploaded Date:31st December 2018

There are certain common things that the best of sales people believe in and do. One is the internal locus of control they subscribe to. This means that all success and failure of their targets depends purely on them, leaving nothing to chance or the starting point. They also tend to be resourceful, so get their targets done somehow. They are also domain experts within their areas. This inherent knowledge plus the experience gives them the supreme confidence to lead as selling requires. They work with a sense of urgency but not recklessness. The bets of sales people also believe in team work, so tend to be good at talent management. This is why they usually end up helping each other.


Uploaded Date:28 December 2018

Since the inception of large-scale advertising, push marketing became the biggest weapon that the largest of companies possessed. This was driven by a combination of print, TV and billboards to reach the maximum possible targeted market. It was a blanket targeting, but it worked due to scale, with luck also factored in. But over the last decade or so, with the advent of digital marketing, the move has taken place towards the pull methods. Here, specific targeted market, using granular bits of data available on the customer base. However, those firms that totally pushed aside the push method also learnt to their detriment this to be a fatal flaw. The human condition is such that these grandiose marketing statements also play a part in convincing the customer. So, a combo of the two methods will now be needed to be integrated.


Uploaded Date:26 November 2018


This is a time when the trust on traditional sources such as media, government and corporates is at an all time low, there is the need to retire another object from a bygone era- the sales funnel. This funnel is also ineffective in capturing the momentum. In an era where digital marketing especially around social media can be so effective, there remains no point of beginning each quarter from a clean slate as the sales flywheel model dictates. Instead of the funnel, a sales flywheel is now more effective. This is because the more force than is applied to a flywheel, the more force it moves around with. This is needed at a time when at several places the information gap between the sales rep and the customer has dwindled. Another factor in its application is that friction can be better eliminated. This happens due to increased customer interaction, greater investment on information technology and sharpened employee skills.


Uploaded Date:23 November 2018

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